Bear Claws Meat Shredders, 2 Packs

Product Overview:
  No Longer A Chore to Shred Large Meat or Turkey!   Time-saving, effective sharp, solid in backside for dishwasher safe– your must-have kitchen gadget!With our Ofargo meat-shredding claws, you would be a culinary Edward...

    bear claws meat shredders hamburg shredded pork


    No Longer A Chore to Shred Large Meat or Turkey!


    Time-saving, effective sharp, solid in backside for dishwasher safe– your must-have kitchen gadget!
    With our Ofargo meat-shredding claws, you would be a culinary Edward Scissorhands to tear up pork, lift turkey, pull & pick chicken, fix watermelon and toss salads. They are designed to function as extensions of your arms. Ofargo bear claws meat shredders are made of reinforced, heat-resistant plastic, so you can even pull 20 lbs of pork with these shredder claws. It’s easy to use, and claw prongs are solid and sturdy almost like metal ones, never melt or bend in hot food.



    ✅【Solid & Sturdy Claws Tips】Ofargo meat claws tips solid and heavy duty, no meat gets trapped; suppress possibility of breeding bacteria; meat shredding claws tips resistant bend and anti-broken; easy washing and dishwasher safe

    ✅【Safe & Healthy Materials】meat shredder claws made of FDA-approved BPA-free 100% food-grade plastics; heat-resistant up to 230℃/446°F, prevent bear meat shredding claws melt; bear claws paws carry hot BBQ smoker and roasts securely and against burning hands

    ✅【Comfortable Gripping Handles】Ergonomic comfort designed BBQ claws; curving grasp handles extends pulled pork shredder claws stress surface for more comfortable, no painful on fingers; easy to hold for various hand sizes to handle, cut, lift and shred meat, roasts, turkey, chicken and pork

    ✅【Multi-functional Usages】Our meat claws perfectly shred meat in minutes without the mess and headache of knives and forks; quickly fix pulled meat or fruit and toss the salads; a must-have meat shredding cooking claws for kitchen or BBQ grill; perfect gift ideas for BBQ Grill fanatics

    ✅【What You Get】Ofargo multi-purpose pulled pork claws kit comes with 2 pcs pulled pork claws (L*W*H: 4.52x4.25x0.94 inch)+ nice box + Free Ofargo claws e-Book + friendly customer services; a 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee and LIFETIME Quality Warranty


      Where There is a Large Piece of Meat, There is an Ofargo Meat Claws Kit!


      meat claws meat shredders


      Solid Claw Tips at the back; Nowhere for Meat to Hide

      Ofargo claws prongs are 100% solid at the backside, with nowhere for food getting stuck inside. They are also strategically spaced so that meat doesn't clump between the tines and gunk up your shredding. You can never worry about bacterial growth in your lovely meat claws shredders.


      heat resistant up to 480 degrees for bbq grill


      Heat-Resistant and Anti-Scalding Features

      Withstanding up to 230℃/446°F, they are high temperature resistant, so hot meat and dishwashers won't melt or bend their sharp tines. Meanwhile, they have high heat insulation ability to avoid heat transmission to scald your hands. Just keep handle cool in hot foods, limiting your contact with the meat.


      dishwasher machine  for cleaning plus other kitchen utensils


      Dishwasher Safe & Time-Saving Kitchen Tool

      Utilized by BBQ masters or housewives, food truckers, and home-kitchen meat-shredders, they can save you a ton of time if you have to handle a 10+ lb. pork butt, or shred a huge turkey. The chore job can be done in several minutes. After work, throw them in your dishwasher to clean. So easy!


       Ofargo ebook PDF download for reading by your iphone ipad


      Ofargo Meat Claws eBOOK (PDF)

      Ofargo eBOOK (PDF) is an awesome bonus, including USE & CARE instructions, ProBBQ / Grill / Smoke Secrets for better shredded meat and full-meal recipes. It can be downloaded easily from scanning QR code. Get it, then be a Meat-Shredding Master!


      Shredded meat like pulled pork chicken turkey hamburger with ofargo meat claws on plate

      6 super sharp meat claw prongs with solid construction


      Claw Tips: Solid, Sharp & Reinforced

      Ofargo meat-shredding bear claw are made of reinforced FOOD-GRADE plastic. Solid at backside, with six super sharp prongs for easily shred pulled pork, turkey, or any other food you want to tear up. They offer great grip to lift large roasts and hold them stable when carving. More importantly, nowhere for meaty debris to get stuck.


      One hand holds an meat claw shredder steadily


      Frame: Widened & More Spaced


      They are designed with widened construction, creating more space for various hand sizes to hold or grip. Cook lovers may varies from men to children, but Ofargo meat claws are incredibly suitable for different hands. Space is left for anyone’s holding hands, both right or left hands too.


      Fish-shaped ergonomic contours grasp handle for comfortable  grip


      Grip Handle: Fish-shaped & Comfy

      The ergonomic shape contours (streamlined fish-shape) makes it easy to grip handle, because the curving grasp handles extends stress surface for more comfortable, no painful on fingers. Grid grip back increases friction for adding holding stability without slipping while carving and slicing.


      safety warnings for kids and sharp edge reminders


      Kindly Reminders: Safety First, Enjoyment Second

      1) Super sharp meat claw tips. Keep it out of the reach of children or let children use it with adult supervision only. 2)Watch out sharp claw tips when use, especially lifting food with two claws, avoids claw tips hurting your hands 3) Before or after use, please clean and dry meat claws, including grid grips. Stay healthy and convenient. 4) Non-fireproof material. DO NOT BURN IT

       Versatile uses of bear claw meat shredder to lift roast, shred meat, cut watermelon and toss salads


      product specs banner


      Item Name Bear Claws Meat Shredders Kit
      SKU OFG-A-004
      Claw Tips Type Solid
      Materials Food-grade Nylon Plastic (FDA-Compliant)
      Heat Resistance Up to 230ºC/446ºF
      Color Black
      Item Dimensions 4.52 x 4.25 x 0.94 inches
      Package Dimensions LWH: 6.1 x 4.7 x 1.4 inch ( 15.5*12*3.5 cm);  
      GW: 0.4 lbs (0.18 kg)
      Package Includes 2x Solid Meat Claws Shredders
      1x Digital eBook Recipe (PDF)
      1x Color Box


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