Plastic Marinade Meat Injector Syringe (1-OZ)

Product Overview:
  Inject All of Enjoyment into Your Every Juicy Bite!   Thanks to Ofargo’s plastic meat injector kit, marinade injection gives you a juicy, tender flavor every bite! You and your family will want to eat all...


Inject All of Enjoyment into Your Every Juicy Bite!


Thanks to Ofargo’s plastic meat injector kit, marinade injection gives you a juicy, tender flavor every bite! You and your family will want to eat all the time.



✅【100% Food-Grade Safe & Healthy Kitchen Tool】all components are 100% food-grade safe: 304 stainless steel for meat marinade needle and plunger rod; eco-friendly plastic materials for syringe barrel, handles and pump plate; BPA-free and FDA-compliant silicone for seals; keep your family safe and healthy

✅【Lightweight, Compact Package, Portable for Party】super lightweight (0.13lbs/60g=an egg) turkey injector syringe kit; ultra compact package (Slide Card), easy to put into your backpack/storage bag; all in one portable package, easy to carry for party activities: indoors cooking, holiday dinners, baking, toasting, roasting, and outdoors BBQ, bonfire smoked grill

✅【Juicy, Tender & Yummy for Every Bite】our food injector is solidly built to last to intensify flavors of Thanksgiving / Christmas turkey, steak, brisket, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, goose, duck; inject seasoning like garlic/honey butter, red wine/rum, buffalo sauce, even jelly/pudding, strawberries, brine into home-cured meats; practical for kitchen tools

✅【Easy to One-Hand Use & Dishwasher Safe】ergonomically designed for one-hand injecting handles; graduated injection chamber: 1-oz/30ml capacity measurement markings in ml and oz up the side; 3” sturdy seasoning injector needle with hole for deep penetration and perfect sauce distribution with liquid brine/marinades; easy clean for meat needle with the small cleaning brush

✅【Kindly Reminders】remove the tiny plastic protection tip that covers the syringe needle before use; seasoning herbs should be grounded up to be quite smaller than needle hole; this 1-oz plastic injector is designed for temporary uses, and our 2-oz stainless steel version is recommended if you want heavy duty one for many years as your long-term kitchen tool


    Where There is a Big Meal, There is an Ofargo Utensil.



    Two Measurement Markings Display (ml & oz)

    There are two measurement markings on injector barrel showing figures both in ml and oz, so you can get perfect amount of marinade for meat or poultry. Easy to control your favorite flavor amount.



    Clog-Resistant Stainless Steel Needles

    2 types of needles for different meat and poultry applications. Made of #304 stainless steel, anti-corrosive & clog-resistant to both fluid and chunky marinades.



    Your Handy & Practical Kitchen-Hand

    Traditional marinating, soaking or brine process takes 1 night even much longer for meat to absorb flavor, still resulting dry and bland taste. But marinade-injecting drastically shortens the preparation time to 1~2 Hours. Fast injection, fast cook, especially for occasional big dinner on holidays.



    All-in-One Ofargo eBOOK (PDF)

    Ofargo eBOOK (PDF) is awesome, including USE & CARE instructions, BBQ/grill tips, homemade marinade secrets and full-meal recipes. It can be downloaded free via scanning QR code or we'll send it to you. Get it, then be a Marinade Injecting Master!



    Step 1: Clean and Smear Food Oil Before Use

    Before your first use, please wash all components gently by using a dime-sized amount of dishwashing liquid and warm water or on the top rack of dishwasher for cleaning. Then smear a thin film of food oil (like canola, olive oil) around the inside of injector barrel whenever you use it for lubrication, otherwise the plunger will be very hard to push! (See PDF eBook Page 11 for details)



    Step 2: Load Marinades into Injector (2 Methods)

    2 types of filling your marinades: A) choose suitable needle and screw it on injector barrel, then put needle tip into your marinade container and draw the marinade up into the barrel chamber by pulling the O-ring handle like doctor taking an injection. B) screw needle clockwise onto injector barrel until needle O-ring is tightened, then unscrew the plunger assembly top cap, and fill the barrel with your marinade by pouring or spooning-in. (See PDF eBook Page 12 for details)



    Step 3: Injector Barrel Air Removal

    After filling injector barrel with marinades, Reverse your injector holding a chamber of marinade. With the needle tip pointing upwards, firmly tap the side of the barrel to shake all the ingredients down to the plunger end of the barrel. Then, slowly push the plunger in until all the air is expelled and the ingredients start to come out the end of the needle. (See PDF eBook Page 16 for details)



    Step 4: Tricks of Injecting Marinades

    When it comes to injecting your marinade into meat or poultry, believe it or not, you’re not simply stabbing a giant needle into the center of your meat and pushing the plunger. Oil your meat needle-> Map Your Injection Points -> Limit the Number of Entry Points -> Keep Your Needle In The Meat -> Parallel Injection & Plunge While Pulling-> Apply Pressure Steadily. (See PDF eBook Page 18 for details)




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    Item Name Plastic Marinade Meat Injector Kit
    SKU OFG-A-003
    Capacity 1 OZ (30ml)
    Materials * 304 Stainless Steel for Injector Piston Rod/ Needles;
    * AS for Injector Barrel; PP for Handle;
    * Silicone for O-rings
    Color Red
    Item Dimensions * 8.7 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches for injector;
    * 3" for angled-cut & small-hole needles
    Package Dimensions LWH: 4.3*7.9*1.2 inch ( 11*20*3 cm);  
    GW: 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
    Package Includes 1x Injector (1-oz)
    1x 3"(angled-cut) Meat Needle
    1x 3"(small-hole) Meat Needle
    3x Spare O-rings (1 for piston; 2 for needles)
    1x Cleaning Brush for needle
    1x Ofargo Digital eBook (PDF)
    1x Paper User Manual 


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